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#Poetry ‘Dance to the Beat’ by Fiza Pathan

August 7, 2014

Dance to the Beat



When the music offers you an alternate beat,

Just dance along with it and build up the heat.

Don’t fret it because you know you love it,

Bring on your dance shoes in your Monsoon kit.

Dance to the beat of the rhythm of your song,

It has been a while I know-infact it has been too long.

So glide your steps on the dance floor,

If you want me then I’m all ready next door.

The dance is awesome it has got everything to jive for,

But you have lost it all and you want so much more.

Listen to the bass guitar as it strums the beat,

Open your eyes and get off your seat.

This song is the universe it is the cosmos enthralled,

So step up to the beat of the drum set when your name is called.

Don’t be scared of the music as it can really make you wild,

Dance all day long as there is nothing better than this glide.

Cheer up and dance with yourself as you need some rest,

The music will help you while the song is sitting in your chest.

Break all the barriers and turn up the volume of your number,

Dance in the rain to the beat, to the clap of the thunder.

Finally don’t slack off but get on the dance floor,

So what if your neighbour can see you outside because he is living next door –
This is your song, this is your life and nothing is more important than dancing to the beat!

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan 

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From → Literature, Poetry

  1. Wow, Fiza I just loved it 😀 😀 Now I am dancing on its tune….It has refreshed me, thanks!Much needed dance of life & fun for everyone.Hugs

  2. Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    A beautiful poem 🙂

  3. You take your own advice – see all that you’ve published. =)

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