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#Poetry ‘Tell Me When’ by Fiza Pathan

August 14, 2014

Tell Me When


Tell me when your heart will overflow with desire for me,

Tell me when the stars of love will twinkle in your eyes.

Tell me when you will be mine tonight in haste,

Tell me when you will let your spirit be one with mine.

Tell me when the dove will coo our love to the heavens,

Tell me when the swan of grace will allure you towards me.

Tell me when you will remember of our love which lit me up,

Tell me when you will kiss my hand & smile so tenderly again.

Tell me when the moon will spin its course into your territory,

Tell me when the moon will enchant you like it has enchanted me.

Tell me when our lips shall meet with kisses to greet so sweet,

Tell me when we will light up the night with our waltzing.

Tell me when the letters of love shall woo you to my side,

Tell me when our souls will meet in an embrace of forgetfulness.

Tell me when the red roses will bloom in your cheeks tonight,

Tell me when my poems will capture your aching heart.

Tell me when the white wine of ecstasy will redouble your wit,

Tell me when our wine glasses will tinkle together as one will.

Tell me when you will think of me during our separation,

Tell me when you last wept for me in the hours of expectation.

Tell me when our shadows will be entwined,

Tell me when the rain shall wet your senses to the glory of amour.

Alas! This distance shall record but one note to your grace…that I waited for you to tell me when.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

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From → Literature, Poetry

  1. Sigh ! such is the poetry of heart where desires & unspoken words are its lyric 🙂

  2. BRILLIANT I adore this poem….

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