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#Poetry ‘Blue Lady’ by Fiza Pathan

August 17, 2014

Blue Lady


Blue lady of the mist don’t change your soothing hue,

Make me forget the lies that I’m still holding true.

Blue lady cuddle up next to me in the night,

Nuzzle your head in my arms as I hold on to you tight.

Blue lady sweet is the sky that rains on your cold flesh,

Entangle me in your mysterious white loving mesh.

Blue lady sing to me as the dew drops fall upon the shadows,

Clear the firmament of my old love which is imprinted in tarot.

Blue lady of the Nile sing a lovely song to this musician,

Your every word is my delight as willing a submission.

Blue lady of the twilight please drink the cup of lunacy with me,

Stay with my eyes in staring embrace & never set me free.

Blue lady set in my sight caress my old decaying skin with water,

Mould the mud in me to your soft tender hands just like the potter.

Blue lady so dazzling of white virgin tears do please soak me up,

Let me drink from your eyes so blue in a mage’s crystal cup.

Blue lady please cause me to rise from my sadness,

Build in me the bridge of positivity that will bring tidings of gladness.

Blue lady of mine just whisper your chant to my ears,

Let me dance to the rhythm of your song to all that one ever hears.

Blue lady kiss my lips & dry them with your smile so nourishing,

Come forth from the fading moon sweetly run like liquid rushing.

Blue lady of the oceans you are too beautiful & regal for love,

Rough lust will tend my days away to colour the white dove.

I’ll be strong without your charms & I’ll draw myself your blue robe –
for dear lady there is no other save you & this colour of the exodus…not red but blue!

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

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From → Literature, Poetry

  1. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    Beautiful poem. I love your imagery. I am reblogging this on idealisticrebel.

  2. So lovely in blue….

  3. A poetic prayer, I must say.

  4. Amazing lines Fiza 🙂 kudos !

  5. While reading I came on this: “Rough lust will tend my days away to colour the white dove.” Now that I might have expected in the Song of Songs…. finding it here in your poem is wonderful! 🙂

  6. Zara permalink

    Wonderful play of words creating such lovely imagery! 🙂

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