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Why Are Publishers Giving Away Bestselling Books for Free?

September 3, 2014

Food for thought.

Have We Had Help?

Why Are Publishers Giving Away Bestselling Books for Free?.

Why does any publisher do it? To shift books and expose books to a jaded reading public, and to increase their revenue. They certainly don’t do it to keep their writers happy!!!

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  1. True… I’ve noticed since the self-publishing industry started up that there is such an influx of work out there now, and along with such self-publishing systems as LiveJournal, Blog, WordPress, etc. that the market seems to be both glutted and overwhelmed with both seasoned authors and the masses seeking entry into the market… a part of the depression of our globe at the moment. It is also a sign that our younger generations have lost touch with the older sense of critical thought and of taking their queue from literary critics who have for the past twenty years or so fallen on bad times with the shift in academic professions and the ousting of Literature from its liberal place in the center of humanities. With the postmodern attack on all things humanistic in the past 40 years the slow slide into commercial education is tottering the whole sense of reading and thinking in the older forms… now comes a new age of overabundance, which of course Nietzsche termed, decadence and glut.

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