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Have Hit a Major Roadblock – POETS ON POETRY – No “Emotional Slither!”

September 7, 2014

Wow, I loved this and had to reblog it. 🙂

Margaret Langstaff

ShelleyMy library is fated to swell and I to be buried in the falling, cascading books from the shelves. An appropriate end for a misspent life, I suppose, monomaniacally focused on books.

Have unearthed a modest looking old paperback anthology entitled POETS ON POETRY (amazing! it’s still in print! click that link!) which I haven’t seen in years. Dog-eared (but not yet dog buried), it collects the landmark essays by major poets (and a few critics) dealing with the crucial question: what is poetry and why should we bother with it?

No small fry gabbers are included, only essays by those who helped define and refine our views of “poetry,” what makes it good/great, how and why.

An epigraph from that old lyrical over-educated cozzener, take-no-prisoners Ezra Pound is on the verso of the title page. Amazing to me how much we read, assimilate over the years and forget where…

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