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Notes from a small dog XLIV

September 7, 2014

My first brush with Ani. Enjoy. 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

watchdog (2)I’m bored.
Really bored.

It’s raining outside and she’s shut the door. I haven’t been allowed outside for almost an hour! Can you believe that? Personally, I think someone should call the RSPCA… I’m sure it constitutes Cruelty to Anis somewhere… contravention of human rights… What do you mean I’m not human…? We’re people too you know … I’m going to get all smug here and say that scientists said so. It’s official. We have emotions. And that isn’t just a euphemism for electronic indigestion either. And I didn’t eat the remote. I just buried it. And its not as if she ever uses it anyway. Like I said, I’m bored.

watchdog (1)I keep looking out of the window, but she’s shut the curtains because of next door’s cat. Not that it stops me of course, got to keep an eye on things. ‘Specially when she’s all busy doing housekeeping. Might get…

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One Comment
  1. Ani says, “Thank you, Ma’am 🙂 “

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