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#Poetry ‘Happy Days with You’ by Fiza Pathan

September 9, 2014

Happy Days with You


Those were the good old happy days a long time pass,

Our friends then were all with us singing like a choir in a mass.

You & I were stars of the scene & all our friends too knew,

That one day you would love me & that I would stay true.

Those were my happy days with you when we were young,

You were my idol on which my garland of joy was strung.

Never more to be now our friends have gone astray,

I thought you’d stay but I was wrong for you too went away.

And my happy days with you were lost in the mist,

You loved another fairer than me & that was the gist.

My happy days with you are my treasures which I will keep,

I now lock the doors on the world so beautiful only to weep.

The past has not gone it lives on in signs & symbols,

I pass couples arm in arm while I shall forever remain single.

Sing another song for the lover whose love went so wrong,

Sing another verse for the lover whose heart has long gone.

Paradise on Earth were those happy days to me,

They kept me in your arms & the flowers then smelt so sweet.

Now someone else claims their happy days with you,

Whoever she is I bless her & wish her a love most true.

For you were my happy days in rain & snow,

I somehow couldn’t get over the day you finally had to go.

Some friends of our youth are near but they have forgotten,

Not me for I remember all the ways that we have trodden.

I thank the Lord for the many happy days I had with you,

To me however those happy days O they seemed so few.

Won’t you ever come back & sing another song again?

Won’t you ever return & love me once again?

My time is coming close it is ending so come back soon,

Let us friends begin all over again what once began in June.

A love story like many other which spoke of me & you,

Happy days I will cherish before I die – happy days of my youth!

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: morgueFile

From → Literature, Poetry

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