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#Poetry ‘Dream & Vision’ by Fiza Pathan

September 10, 2014

Dream & Vision

kalnik 037

There is a star within all of us that wants to shine out its light,

There is a dream within my soul that wants to shimmer bright.

My dream is to be with the victors of every battle within sight,

I want to set my goal to the moon that glimmers in the night.

I have a vision which keeps me awake when I should sleep,

I have a vision to change my world that cries & weeps.

My dream is my highest goal now & the roaring thunder,

If you see me dancing in the rain it will make you wonder.

It will make you wonder why I’m so zestful so full of life,

It is because I have a dream & a vision that eliminates all strife.

So I play my piano to get a tune to this feeling I want to feel,

My dream is slowly coming true that it makes me squeal.

It is my vision that keeps me alive when I should have been dead,

And this vision begins so simple it just began with a book that I read.

Then after reading I read some more & learnt to want more,

I then got up & started teaching others about the books that lure.

And now there are so many people with me, who want to read,

To think that this vision was not really small it began to spread.

Now I’m dreaming my vision every day & every night,

My spirit is flying high in the sky like a large beautiful kite.

I get a high when I float towards my vision so gently,

For it is true that I will get what I want if I do it patiently.

My dream is my vision like a bonfire that spreads joy & warmth,

Everybody is encouraging me & people arrive like a swarm.

To help me make my dream come true with a pen & chalk –

This is a dream that will come true very soon & then you’ll see all that I want to be.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: morgueFile

From → Literature, Poetry

  1. We’ll be waiting for the realization of your dream 🙂

  2. Beautiful dreams, Fiza…

  3. Love this post!~

  4. Beautifully penned , as always Fiza..”It is because I have a dream & a vision that eliminates all strife. “…really ..I can relate to this line so much… 🙂

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