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#Poetry ‘Sayonara’ by Fiza Pathan

September 19, 2014



Goodbye gentle wind that enchanted me a long time ago,

Goodbye sweet lover of mine for you have left me all alone.

Sayonara my dearest love I say to you though you know nothing,

Sayonara my love I say to you because you meant something.

The choir will sing with mirth on your voyage day,

I cannot open my lips to bid you goodbye, I have nothing to say.

Sayonara dear lover let us meet again someday soon,

Heal the gash upon my heart you have to heal the wound.

Sayonara goodbye I say to you although I love you still,

I will wait for your return as I cry upon my window sill.

Sayonara angel of my heart please don’t forget me just yet,

Saying goodbye is painful as it reminds me of when we met.

Your plane with its silver wings are charted to its course,

You are going away from my land that is my only remorse.

The pull of life is taking you away from me leaving me alone,

Good times with you are over for now I have to face the unknown.

Sayonara is not the end for one day we shall meet again,

Then I will have your heart in my hand & will not bargain.

But that day is a long way away from time so sayonara goodbye,

I loved you but you hate me & I tell you I just don’t know why.

Goodbye my world you are no more with me yet I remain in you,

One day you will return to me & then we will start it all anew.

Sayonara till then though you will not hear my sobs in the night,

In my soul shall our love remain immortal shining ever so bright.

Copyright 2014 Fiza Pathan

Image courtesy: morgueFile



From → Literature, Poetry

One Comment
  1. This is such a bittersweet poetry … 🙂

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