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Twins Clash, Teachers Crucify in Middle-School Novel

December 13, 2015

The review from my mentor.I feel honoured. Thanks a million, Ma’am. šŸ™‚


fizafaceTwins clash and a teacher is ruined by his peers in Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues, author Fiza Pathanā€˜s inspiringĀ new full-length novel. It is a crown of jewels to entertain readers and sit atop her several award-winning books.

  • She tackles bullying, being a twin, parenting and suicide risk while disastrous teen-age errors in judgment and villainous teacher politics wreak havoc. Her fresh outlook as a child of the late eighties (now a seasoned teacher and tutor of grade-six-plus students) brings sound content and intelligent resolution to the story.ramansunnyRaman Sharma, only a few minutes older than his brother Sunny, is fed up with leading the life of a twin and desperate to establish his own, separate identity. At the beginning of the book they donā€™t even walk to school together any more, although they are in the same class. UncontrolledĀ emotions of lying, anger, jealousy and revenge takeā€¦

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