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Book Review of Runaway Writers: by Fiza Pathan

March 2, 2016


Runaway Writers by author Indu Balachandran is a very hilarious, romantic and fun read indeed. The author captures her reader’s attention very well with the aid of her smart one liners and an in depth analysis of the twisted side of peoples’ characters, which I find pretty amazing. I would definitely compare her work similar to that of Irish writer Marian Keyes, with an Indian touch to it and very captivating.

As the title suggests, this story is about three writers who sort of ‘run away’ from their regular jobs to follow a writing career of their own to a writers’ workshop in beautiful Greece. What follows is a wonderfully refreshing story of romance, comedy, friendship, gossip and of course, what it means to be a writer at the end of it all. The story also manages to bring out what it means to follow your dreams at the risk of losing fame, fortune, status etc. The ‘runaway’ writers in this novel are Amby, Bobby and Mini; the first being from a rigid Tamil Brahmin family who works as a ghost Twitter writer for a film star in India, the second being a famous advertising copywriter and the third a children’s writer with a very delicate frame. Through these three women, we get to understand about relationships, family norms, comradery and about love in the true sense of the term.

What I admire about Runaway Writers is its brutal honesty and spontaneous humor. For a foreign audience, I would state that this book is a finer type of literature that India especially, urban India is producing after 2010 which is a revolution in itself where literature is concerned and where our global space in society is concerned. Don’t miss out the hilarious descriptions of Amby’s strict Tamil Brahmin family, Amby’s love/hate relationship with her film star boss KayKay, the vividly beautiful descriptions of Greece, the innovative writers’ workshop that all three main protagonists attend and the funny one liners.

I picked this book up at Kitab Khana, Mumbai’s best bookstall at Fort area and literally gorged it into my system. I would have typed out the review earlier but I was interrupted by the research involved in the writing of my own book which is emotionally very taxing for me at present. I also managed in the process to sort of get a ‘stiff neck’ so I am in terrible pain. However, the cheeriness of Runaway Writers kept me going.

I would frankly recommend this book to anyone who wants a fast and light read especially if the reader is in the process of going on a vacation. Young adults are equally welcome to read the book as there are no swear words or any other indecencies where a line ought to be drawn where Y.A readers are concerned.

All in all, a nice and pleasant read indeed. Hope to be getting to read more of Indu Balachandran’s books in the near future.

Copyright © 2016, Fiza Pathan

Available in Paperback and Kindle version

  1. Sounds like a fun read.
    Sorry about your stiff neck and hope it eases soon.

  2. I like the sound of this. Comfrey poultice for your stiff neck, Fiza.

  3. Great review. Thanks for sharing.

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