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#BookViral #Book Review of Amina: The Silent One

Verdict: A truly remarkable work of fiction that touches heart and mind, Amina: The Silent One is sure to engender much thought and discussion. It is recommended without reservation.

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Capturing the forced and grim realities facing women in India today, along with the raw emotional power of great drama, Amina: The Silent One by award-winning author Fiza Pathan proves an incredibly powerful read from the start. ….. Read the entire review at

My book has also received critical acclaim from Indie Reader, Reader Views,
Readers’ Favorite, US Review of Books, Authors Talk About It.

Amina: The Silent One  is one of the most socially relevant books on the market today in my opinion, and I highly recommend it.  I could not put this book down.  I was totally captivated throughout the entire story, and Amina and her family will be in my head, and on my heart for some time to come. Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views.

IR Verdict: AMINA: THE SILENT ONE is a beautiful and thought-provoking novel that shines light on important issues facing women in India today. 

“Pathan’s strength is her ability to perfectly describe the slums Amina’s family lives in.” IR

Amina: The Silent One is a powerful story with a message that needs to be told, one that will stay in your mind. It deserves an award.- Reviewed By Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite (Five Stars)

Amina: The Silent One is a gritty, powerful story written in a wonderfully engaging way. The writing style is extremely readable and I couldn’t put the book down; I read it all in one go. -Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite (Five Stars)
This story is a very powerful and insightfully troubling one that addresses the plight of women in India. 
Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite (Five Stars)
It feels as though she hasn’t written a fictional story, but rather has pulled back the curtains on a grim reality to let the reader experience what it is like to have hope in a land in which despondency reigns.-Reviewed By Jacquelyn Gilchrist for US Review of Books (Recommended rating)
A powerfully gripping tale told by Fiza Pathan, Amina: The Silent One will fire up reader’s emotions while bringing them to tears. Reviewed for AuthorsTalkAboutIt by Dr. Janelle Alex Ph.D.

Amina: The Silent One has also won the following #awards and recognition.

2015-2016 Reader Views Literary Awards -Winner 1st Place General Fiction/Novel
2015-2016 Reader Views Literary Awards – Global Award for Asia
Foreword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist Multicultural (Adult Fiction)
2015 New Apple Book Awards – Solo “Medalist Winner” in the E-Book General Fiction category.
2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Finalist Novella Category
2015 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award- Category Fiction
2015 New England Book Festival – Honorable Mention in Regional Literature
2016 Pacific Rim Book Festival- RUNNER-UP Regional Literature.
4th Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards- Winner in Regional Fiction category.
55 Best Self-Published Books of 2015 – IndieReader

Copyright © 2016 Fiza Pathan





Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

#Honored to have the B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree sticker on my book:
Raman and Sunny: Middle School Blues


My book has now won the following awards and recognition:
B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree
The Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Award recipient
2015 New England Book Festival- Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category
2015 London Book Festival-Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category
2016 Los Angeles Book Festival-Honorable Mention in Young Adult Category
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winter 2016- Winner in Young Adult

Do view my book at:
It is available for sale in Paperback and kindle version on

Copyright © 2016 Fiza Pathan




Amina: The Silent One reviewed by Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. for Authors Talk About It

A powerfully gripping tale told by Fiza Pathan, Amina: The Silent One will fire up reader’s emotions while bringing them to tears. -Dr. Janelle Alex, Ph.D. for Authors Talk About It.

5 Star Author Smaller51NicbHFmWL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_

A powerfully gripping tale told by Fiza Pathan, Amina: The Silent One will fire up reader’s emotions while bringing them to tears. Amina, born in India as the third daughter in her family is unwanted and viewed as a burden by her parents and abusive grandmother. Their belief of daughters being burdens is heightened as her mother gives birth to two more daughters. Tragedy strikes Amina’s family bringing devastation to her, her father and her grandmother. Yet, Amina’s tragic circumstances have only begun. Her father unknowingly marries her off to a man who turns her into a sex slave. The beauty of Amina’s musical skill, which has been her saving grace throughout her life, helps her once again within the prison of her marriage. But, will it be enough to save her and the others that are victims of her husband and mother-in-law?

Fiza Pathan is a compelling storyteller, and even though Amina: The Silent One is a little slow to start, it becomes a story that readers won’t be able to put down. They’ll want to know what happens to Amina and her music. They’ll want to know what happens to the other girls forced into sexual slavery by Amina’s husband as well as the husband’s fate. Fiza shares a story that portrays more truth than most people realize exists. It is heart-wrenching, while at the same time it is inspiring. Amina: The Silent One gives hope to women around the world even when they are innately afraid to speak out loud. This is an eye-opening story with a message that needs to be shared far and wide. Highly recommended.

Originally reviewed by Janelle Alex for on March 16, 2016.





#Haiku ELSEWHERE APPEARS JOY: Priyal B. Panchal


Rain blobs on phone screen
A message, backlight turns on
Rainbow shades appear

-Priyal B. Panchal

Copyright 2016 Priyal. B. Panchal

Sort of an attempt at Haiku!
Edit suggestions most welcome.




Every time I fall, I stand up back

up right

Sometimes I laugh,

Sometimes only smile,

But I love the fact that

I don’t cry

I am never going to let myself get into crying like my best friend. She would cry even if the mistake was not hers. She would cajole her mind into believing that she was wrong, at least perhaps! I was pretty young back then when she had already seen most of life. When I would talk about playtime, she would talk of forgiveness. She taught me a lot about forgiveness. She taught me to forgive myself when my absolutely normal and natural narcissistic defense mechanism sprung up. How I wish I could infect her ideas about defense!

Sometimes, we learn from people

Without them

Having to teach us.

This is what I love most about myself.

Copyright 2016 Priyal B Panchal


#Poem Au Naturel Angst of an Athazagoraphobic by April Windbow

Au Naturel Angst of an Athazagoraphobic


 At three I call up to remind that we are meeting at seven

At five again.


At twenty to seven to tell, I am already there

At twenty past seven to tell, come right away if you really care.


At eight to tell, come or just go to hell

(Though that is not what I mean… I mean well,

Come … come… come your heart is where my heavens dwell)


At ten, you come and we are together for two hours

Eating chocolates, smelling flowers,

Reading, singing, two lost lovers.


At two I call to tell, separation is immeasurable sorrow

We’ve got to meet the very coming morrow.


At thirteen past three to confirm

For a day’s longing is a long long term!


At eight to tell, I am missing you already

So tomorrow, don’t be late, be ready.


At ten when I call, you avoid my call

I try hard, but end up banging my head on the wall.
At every two minutes past ten I kept calling again and again

How could you have missed my call then!


At eleven you tell me it’s been twenty hours you haven’t slept

I too try to sleep, but fear that nightmare wherein you left.


At three am, just like the day before, I wake with that same nightmare

Where not me, but somebody else, receives your love, your care.


At the lonely loft, there… upper side of my mind, dust soils blessed things

Particles of phobia settle fading faint my faith in fellow beings

Fear manifests as fidgety affections and care forged as wrong doings

I am a rocket propelled towards doom by my own feelings.


Copyright © April Windbow

Image courtesy: Pixabay


#Poem CRONOMETRADOR -Priyal Panchal



Winds circumference the circle of night
At tangent lies the unity of daylight

Each star, a center, shines its part
To be sucked invisible in the aftermath

Dance they till the spill of the hue
Waiting then till again sky draws blue

Womb shelter the sun finds there
Re-birthed moon metamorphoses where

A first kiss of intersecting circles
Sings random notes of breath pearls

Stringed underground the sky’s torso
On the horizon of the day’s shadow

A prologue to the geometry of 24×7
Written in stories of hell and heaven

The same old truth, perpetual nonsense
Propels the day and night to commence

“Tomorrows to come will hold echoes of today, won’t they?”

Copyright -Priyal Panchal

Image courtesy:


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